Meditation Vault

A growing library of my channeled guided meditations! Listen as many times as you wish to enjoy healing, shifts, peace & transformation.

Why Meditate?

Meditation has been utilized for centuries to cultivate a sense of inner peace, clarity, and well-being. By taking a few moments each day to quiet the mind and focus on the present moment, meditation offers numerous benefits for both the mind and body and has the potential to positively transform your life! Here are a few of the many benefits of meditation:
● Reduce stress and anxiety 
● Enhance spiritual growth and self-discovery
● Enhance emotional well-being
● Promote self-awareness and mindfulness
● Increase feelings of happiness and contentment
● Lower blood pressure and heart rate
● Promote healthy aging and longevity
● Improve sleep quality
● Receive messages from your intuition, your higher power and/or your guides/angels
● Reduce symptoms of depression
● Support overall physical health and immune function
● Can be used to heal specific parts of the body or ailments
● Increase resilience to adversity
● Enhance cognitive function and memory
● Boost creativity and problem-solving skills
● Release negative thought patterns
● Improve focus and concentration
● Enhance relaxation and induces a state of calm 

A Note From Alishia...

Because these meditations are channeled (they flow through me rather than being read off a script), I believe that they are in part from me and in part a beautiful gift from spirit/universe/angels/guides. I hope that the power of these meditations bring you shifts, healing, deeper connection, transformation, and the most wonderful blessings!

In this meditation vault, you will find a growing library of recordings of my live channelled meditations as well as bonus meditations that I'll be adding along the way (for a preview of what's waiting for you inside the vault, please see further below).

You are also welcome to join in the live Zoom meditation gatherings held once per month (typically on the Full Moon). This is at no extra cost - the next date is always posted inside the vault and the recording is always uploaded to the vault if you can't join in live.

My sincerest gratitude to you for being here and for your support.

- Alishia

What's in the Vault?

● Recordings of my live, channeled guided meditations (they are roughly 30-40 minutes each in length). There are also shorter 10-20 minute meditations in the bonus section.
● One new channeled meditation is added each month
● You can log in and listen to any of the meditations as many times as you wish to enjoy continued healing, shifts, peace and transformation.
● Please see further below for the most current list of what's in the library already!

● Note: if you wish to be part of the LIVE Zoom monthly meditation gatherings (included in your vault membership), the next date is always announced inside the vault. So you have the choice of tuning in live or enjoy the recording after or both! :)

What others are saying...

"Oh my goodness, that was amazing … I could very much feel the energy moving around my face and head - spectacular, thank you Alishia, you have a gift for sure!"
M. R.

"Fantastic meditation! You are amazing."

"Thank you so much Alishia for that beautiful meditation. I tuned in later for a replay and loved it...I will come back to this again! Love and hugs to you."
C. H.

How it Works:

● $11/month will give you unlimited access to the growing vault of recordings (you can also join in the monthly live Zoom meditation gatherings too if you wish).
● Once you send payment, you will be directed to create a log in/password to access the vault
● You will be automatically billed $11 (Canadian) each month and you can cancel at anytime (note: when you cancel, you will no longer have access to the recorded meditations).
● Just want to listen to one or two meditations? No problem! Cancel right away after you listen! There's no commitment required
● Note: I added a yearly option for those who wish to save a bit of money

Once you Subscribe, You'll Get Access to the Library of Meditations Listed Below (plus one new meditation added each month!)

Kind Words...

"Thank you so much for this lovely meditation. You have a beautiful voice for meditation."

Jodie F.

"It was a great meditation! Loved it and felt like a new person."

Janet B.
"That was so Beautiful Alishia...I enjoyed doing that meditation with you...Thank you."

Your Meditation Guide:


Dr. Alishia M. Alibhai is a Social Psychologist, Soul Coaching® Trainer, Past Life Coach, Essential Oil Educator, International Speaker and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her soul's mission is to guide people on their journey towards personal growth, healing and transformation and to support them in creating a life aligned with their innermost desires.

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