Release, Reset & Rise Meditation Series

3 downloadable (mp3 format) guided meditations designed to help you to Let Go, Re-balance, and Rise to the blessings you deserve!

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Our universal energy is currently in major flux and many of us are feeling out of sorts (we all experience this differently but some examples include feeling stressed out, anxious, sad, unmotivated, ungrounded, experiencing pain or sickness in our body, relationship or work struggles, feeling blocked or stuck, etc.). Please know that you are not alone! I felt guided to create this 3-part meditation series and I'm so grateful that you are here with me! 

When Should I Listen to These Meditations?

These 3 meditations are great to use for ANY life circumstances, numeric gateways, transformational astrological events, or even simply through our day to day struggles, shifts, and growth! You can listen to them back to back (one after the other) or you can spread them out (one each day over 3 days, for example).

This series includes 3 recorded meditations led by Dr. Alishia Alibhai:

1st Meditation (17 minutes long): Geared towards RELEASE to help us let go of situations, feelings, thoughts, people and things that no longer serve us.

2nd Meditation (15 minutes long): Focused on RESET to help us recalibrate our entire beings - a realignment and shift back into balance.

3rd Meditation (16 minutes long): Dedicated to helping us RISE and welcome in blessings and attract the things we are so ready for in our lives.

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Release, Reset & Rise 3-Part Meditation Series

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Dr. Alishia M. Alibhai is a Social Psychologist, Soul Coaching® Trainer, Past Life Coach, Essential Oil Educator, International Speaker and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her soul's mission is to guide people on their journey towards personal growth, healing and transformation and to support them in creating a life aligned with their innermost desires.